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Take Your Soul By The Hand and Fly

Who are you? What is your purpose? Where are you going?

Connect to your Higher Self

We all have an inner child, a higher Self, a Soul. Through hypnosis I can help you get in touch with and discover that place of inner wisdom within you, your spirituality, whatever form it takes for you.

Spirit sessions are not about religion. My clients come from all religious sects. The focus of these sessions is your self-knowledge.. your journey to know yourself to the core… your Spirit… to help you find the greater meaning in your life, a sacred purpose.

Many of my clients find that hypnosis allows them to access that place of knowing deep within themselves. That place where they connect with the greater Universe, the Source. That place where they discover who they truly are. Your guides and angels may work with me during Spirit sessions to help you remember who you really are, to offer knowledge and guidance for your highest good, to help you see where you are going.

Past Life Regression

Some clients choose to revisit past lives to better understand what is going on in this one. Past Life Regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover memories of past lives or incarnations. It often results in explanations of some of the mysteries in your life today… maybe why you feel strongly about certain things, or perhaps why you feel like you’ve been in certain places before even though you haven’t… at least not in this life-time!

I offer a free consultation to give us a chance to sit down and talk about what you would like to accomplish in a Spirit session. There is no obligation to continue. But if you decide to journey with me, I guarantee you will be amazed at what you discover.

Soul Therapy… what is it and how does it work?

I believe we are spiritual beings having a short-term physical experience. We decided how, where, who and when we were to exist. The soul holds the key to this information as well as the key to illness, dysfunction and healing.

The physical dimension is assisted in the healing process by medical, and mental health professionals. The spiritual dimension is assisted in the healing process by the client’s soul and its support system, which are guides, guardians, ascended teachers, and the appropriate divinity.

Soul Therapy is the process of communicating with the soul side support system. According to Dr. John Kelly, PhD, Orlando, Fl, the Soul Therapist seeks to:  Identify the root cause and other contributing factors for any illness, dysfunction, emotional distress, abnormality, energy imbalance, fragmentation or other disorder;  Understand the reason for the disorder;  Understand the benefit the client’s Soul is attempting to obtain from the disorder;  Determine if the client is allowed to heal, partially heal or otherwise obtain relief from the disorder;  Identify the optimum healing or relief methods and techniques;  Initiate and coordinate the Soul-side activities to implement the healing or relief mechanism. (i.e. provide the applicable therapeutic treatment or refer the client to another therapist or a physician as appropriate);  If the disorder is not allowed to be healed or relieved, identify the reason why and the anticipated benefits to the client’s Soul or others in the client’s soul group;  Provide additional or extended Soul Therapy and related counseling as needed.

As a Soul Therapist, I do not prescribe medication, nor remove a client from medication, nor do I diagnose. The method of communication is done by placing a client or a surrogate in an altered state of consciousness to connect with the unconscious mind, known as the “Gateway to the Soul.”

Soul Therapy reduces all illness and all physical disorders to its soul roots, identifies the root cause and reason, identifies the benefit to the soul and identifies and implements the optimum nonphysical healing therapies.

Christine Rossiter is one of ten Certified Soul Therapists in the world.

"These sessions have helped me to know myself better and have given me a greater depth of appreciation for consciously taking care of my mind and body."
- Fran A. Ocala

"As an intuitive person the sessions have reawakened me to allow my subconscious mind to become more active in my overall well being."
- Mary Ellen T. Lady Lake

"I found this experience more than a weight reduction method. It has opened me to find a more relaxed enhanced person; much more aware of my being."
- Mary L. Ocala

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