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“We cannot solve out problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
Albert Einstein


Classes may be scheduled for 5-15 students.

Beginning/Learning Meditation

Curious about meditation? Have you tried meditation and just can’t do it? This class is for you. Meditation is a combination of thought and contemplation of that thought. It is a tool everyone can learn to use to release stress, solve problems, get in touch with yourself. It is fun to learn and offers valuable health benefits.   1 session – 3 hours

Past Life Regression

So, who were you in the past? What was your purpose? What have you brought to this life?  This session is an introduction to past life regression and offers you the opportunity to experience a past life in a small group setting. We do not do any trauma or problem work, so it is a pleasant experience for everyone.  One session – 3 hours

Interpreting Your Dreams

How many times have you awakened with the dream you had so vividly still with you?  You cannot fathom what happened? Or perhaps you have the same dream over and over, or other experiences with dreams that you wonder about. I have a different method of assisting in elucidating (making clear) your dreams, so you can elucidate future dreams and do your own interpretation. One session – 2 hours


Have you ever seen white spots on your pictures and it’s not reflections or water spots? They maybe orbs.  Come, find out what, who, why.
Class length: 2 hours

Exploring your Mystic Gifts

Do you ever have the feeling you know something before it happens? Or you get a “feeling” about someone? Come explore the gifts of intuition, insights, connections and more.
Class lenght:  6 week class

Introduction to Ho’oponopono

This class is an introduction to an ancient Hawaiian process of making right, right.
Class length: 2-3 hours

"These sessions have helped me to know myself better and have given me a greater depth of appreciation for consciously taking care of my mind and body."
- Fran A. Ocala

"As an intuitive person the sessions have reawakened me to allow my subconscious mind to become more active in my overall well being."
- Mary Ellen T. Lady Lake

"I found this experience more than a weight reduction method. It has opened me to find a more relaxed enhanced person; much more aware of my being."
- Mary L. Ocala

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