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The process of buying a house can be daunting to say the least. There are so many factors to consider. Does a gated community make sense for you? From neighborhoods and school districts proximity to shopping and entertainment, nightlife, family and child services available, quality of hospitals, quality of restaurants and the overall demeanor of the people around. All of that and you’re still deciding on where!

Once you figure out the where, then it’s a matter of what. I’m not talking about whether you need three or four bedrooms or that extra spare half bath. Pool or no pool and how much does it cost to maintain one? Two story houses vs single story? Does the type of roof matter? As you delve into the process you may not even know all the questions you should ask. If you’re buying a car, you can get online and research the differences between this make or that one. This model or the sporty one. You certainly know the gas mileage of that new car you’re considering. Why don’t you think to ask about the long-term costs of home ownership? Now don’t get me wrong, the cost of home ownership is way cheaper in the long run vs. renting.

Age, construction techniques and materials used can and will make a difference in those cost factors. DIY channels will tell you how to and how much a new kitchen is, but what about the less glamorous upgrades like new windows, re-insulating your roof, fixing that cracked concrete driveway, a new air conditioner or re-soding the front lawn.

In Florida, hurricanes are part of our annual weather. We like them as much as California likes earthquakes, but what does that mean to you when you pick your house? Block homes made of concrete versus an all wood construction has obvious benefits, but again the cost factor is slightly higher upfront. Is your new prospective home in a flood zone? Do you need insurance for hurricane and flood?

The questions can be endless and the answers are available from professionals that care about you.

I am Dennis Walker, Realtor in Flagler County Florida. Please leave me your questions or comments below, as I read them all! If you have a pressing question or need assistance in finding your next home, call me at 386-262-4064 and I can help you find that perfect dream home.