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So you regularly have some spare time and thinking of being a realtor, eh? What does a Realtor actually do? We all know if you want to look at and get into a house, you call a Realtor. They open it up, and if it sells, they make lots and lots of money. Is it just that easy? Many of you know that there is much more to it than that, but you may not know what “that” is.

But what do they do?

Most of our work is not opening up houses. There is a lot of research that goes into different neighborhoods, areas or cities from zoning, trends, values, and anything else you may ask about a particular property. The list of what they do is quite varied person to person but a baseline is: creating and mailing that post card, getting a sign made, follow up phone calls, emailing new and existing customers, creating flyers, marketing homes in magazines and newspapers, maintaining a social media presence and keeping up with the trends, preparing and doing open houses, going to places that you can meet new people to become new customers, supporting and volunteering in our communities to make them better, finding and meeting honest vendors and businesses to partner with.

How much do you really make?

Most Realtors are independent contractors. What that means is, we work for a broker, which in turn, allows us to actually do the business. If we don’t own our own brokerage, we have to work for one, period. The laws are very strict and that is not optional. The broker makes sure we follow the rules and is an overseer of our activities. Some brokers are very helpful and care about the success of their agents and some are more hands off. Every place is different. There is a cost of working for a broker. Now remember, it is not optional. So every house we sell, they get a percentage of that cut in some form or fashion.

All those pictures you see online, we paid someone to take those. That sign in the yard, we designed and bought it.  The ads in the magazines, billboards, sponsored ads online, gift baskets, nametags, business cards, appreciation gifts, gas driving customers around, access to the MLS multiple listing service, continuing education, going to conferences….you guessed it, we pay for all that too.


All that sounds like a lot, but I haven’t even touched on the most important part of being a Realtor. At the heart of this business, serving is the core. From opening that house and giving guidance on the most expensive asset you may have, to making sure the contracts are written so you are protected. We make sure everything goes as well as possible with your mortgage, inspections, title work and closing.

If you have some spare time, you may want to just enjoy that spare time instead of trying to be a part time Realtor. There is nothing part time about caring for people when they need you the most.

I am Dennis Walker, Realtor in Flagler County Florida. Please leave me your comments below, as I read them all! If you have a question or need to reach me, my number is 386-262-4064.