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Christine J. Rossiter, Master Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist


The practice of hypnosis is cloaked in mystery and often gets a bad name. But what is it, does it really work, and if so, what does it do?

Stop Smoking

When you’re REALLY ready to quit smoking, do it the easy way.
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Take a moment right now to breathe deeply and imagine waking each day with a sense of peace, joy and confidence. Hypnosis can help you start living the life you want.

So, just what is hypnosis?  It is a natural state of mind, more focused attention, deeper feeling of mind and body relaxation and peace.  It’s the door to the mind. Have you ever been driving down the road and wondered how you got there? Or forgot to turn at a familiar road? That’s what hypnosis is like, our conscious mind is off somewhere and the subconscious( or unconscious or nonconscious) mind has kept us on track until we need to be back in the conscious.  The use of hypnosis is really old, dating back to the Greeks and Egyptians, coming forward to the 1950’s when the AMA finally accepted that hypnosis “might work” to help people. Hypnosis is moving into mainstream health. However, there is a long way to go. 

Your Journey of Healing and Transformation begins now…

Hello! I’m Christine

Certified Hypnotist & Master Spirit Guide

Years ago, I wanted to do something to  help people with their challenges in life, whether it is mental, emotional, financial, physical or spiritual.  I believe our bodies are designed to heal themselves, however sometimes supportive assistance is needed. We have very powerful minds, conscious and subconscious.

My Expertise

Stop Smoking

Goal Setting

Explore Spirituality

Energy Healing



Weight Management



Stress and Anxiety

A Message To You

Before your soul can soar in the open sky you must clear away the branches overhead… the obstacles keeping you from being who you want to be… the habits you no longer need, the fears and pain, whatever troubles you.

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool that can help you get to the root cause of your problems quickly and easily: stop smoking, overcome fears, anxieties and addictions, release weight, discover feelings and memories that are holding you back, heal physical problems and explore spirituality.

Most people experience deep relaxation and awe at quickly discovering the roots of their problems in hypnosis. It is a quick, easy and safe way to help you understand and let go of old feelings and habits.

As a Master Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and healing facilitator I help you reach within yourself to find answers and peace of mind, your own path to a happier, healthier more meaningful life. I have many years experience helping people overcome the challenges in their lives. I can help you.

You do not need to face your challenges alone.

Call or email me today to discover how hypnosis can help you. Your consultation is free and there is no obligation. But if you decide to journey with me, I guarantee you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

"These sessions have helped me to know myself better and have given me a greater depth of appreciation for consciously taking care of my mind and body."
- Fran A. Ocala

"As an intuitive person the sessions have reawakened me to allow my subconscious mind to become more active in my overall well being."
- Mary Ellen T. Lady Lake

"I found this experience more than a weight reduction method. It has opened me to find a more relaxed enhanced person; much more aware of my being."
- Mary L. Ocala

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